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High Quality Flamenco
Professional Sound

Rhythms recorded and mixed by professionals.

Flamenco Loops

We don’t use samples or artificial audios. 100% real sound.

Very simple.

You know how it works.

All the rhythms of flamenco

“Palmas”, “Cajón”, Knuckles, Tambourine 

Flamenco Compas Clock

Extra volume for a great audition

Adjustable speed

All flamenco tradition in your pocket

Is not easy to learn what the differents traditional singings of each style are. We simplify this hard work, with some of the most renowned flamenco singers in Spain, such as José Méndez, Jeromo Segura, Vicente Gelo, Manuel Romero or Cristina Rodriguez de Tovar.

We offer a wide variety of singing styles for each style. Learn how they are called and listen to their differences.

Build your own dance structure
Yes... we make your dream come true!

Falsetas & Escobillas: traditional melodies recorded at differents speeds.


All the flamenco “Cante”: salidas, differents styles, coletillas & every element that are usually used in “tablao” performances.

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