Create your own dance !!

Flamenco Alegría
Flamenco Solea

Traditional Singing

For the very first time, an App brings us the traditional flamenco singings, singed by rewarded and renowned singers from Spain. With and without guitar, to practice, learn and enjoy.


Each "Palo" has its traditional melodies. We offer them all at many differents speeds.


Palms at all speeds, with and without guitar. Visual compass for beginners.

Make your Structure !!!

How many Compass llamada? How many Lyrycs do you want? Compose the music just the way you want. Amazing but real.

Singing Guitar Accompaniment

You can listen to the singing without guitar. Also see the lyrics, the beat and even the chords while you play !!!!

Slow, medium, fast.

Slow for begginers.
Medium for a fluid practice.
Fast for the most advanced.

"Very good!! To teach and assemble your own things is great. Upload also the App of more Palos please! Tangos, fandangos, bulerías, etc. "

Mercedez Carrillo García

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