Flamenco Compas

We present 2 revolutionaries Apps for the practice and study of flamenco styles, the “palos of flamenco”.

Top Quality

Applications that are EASY to use, without complicated menus or unnecessary options.

Professional Sound

We do not use Samples. Each recording was made live by a real musician.

Singing, Guitar and Palmas

Create your own music structure for your dance, with our revolutionary dance section: llamadas, letras (singing), falsetas, etc.

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Users can not be more satisfied with our Flamenco Apps

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Our Flamenco Apps

Flamenco Compas

All Palos, all types of compass. More than 200 rhythms. Palmas, Cajon, Tinaja, etc. Choose your exact speed.
Visual Metronome!

Flamenco Alegrias

Singing, Guitar & Palmas.
Alegrías y Bulerías de Cádiz.
Cristina Tovar singing.

Flamenco Solea

Soleá, Soleá x Bulería, Bulería x Soleá, Bulería de Utrera and more !!
Manuel Romero singing.


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