Rhythm and Flamenco Compass.
Dance. Sing.

With our Flamenco Compas App, our mission is that you really enjoy your practice, providing hundreds of flamenco patterns with amazing sound. Soniquete Flamenco. 

Why Flamenco Compas?

Real Sound

We do not use Samples or MIDI bases, all our rhythms are professional studio recordings.

Every "Palo"

Flamenco & more: Alegrías, Bulerías, Fandangos, Jaleos, Seguiriya, Soleá, Tangos, Tientos, Rumba, Sevillanas, Tanguillo, Zapateado, etc.

Visual Metronome

For beginners: the Visual Flamenco Clock is available. Flamenco Visual Metronome, 100% didactic !!!

Choose your Speed

Every rhythm is adjustable at the speed you want.

High Graphic Quality

All our Apps have excellent visual graphics.

Easy to use

Just choose your flamencostyle, your rhythm and your speed. 100% intuitive.

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